Do Right Educational Sports Program
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you may have about our club and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, send us an email and we will get back to you soon.


What age does my child need to be to join the team?

Your child needs to be age 5 by January 30th of the year in which you want to join.


Where do we practice at?

We practice at South Mountain Community College - 7050 S. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ, 85042 (24th St. and Baseline Rd, Phx AZ.)  Please contact us at our email at or FB us if you have any questions for us.


What is our club fee?

$164.80 INCLUDES  processing fee, for the regular meet season.


How much is a non-refundable uniform?

Our fee varies depending on size and availability.  please see specific prices in our club payment section. .


Where can I buy Spike Shoes or quality running shoes?

Sole Sports is our team connection for quality shoes. they are located at 1006 E. Warner Road, Tempe Az 85284 (NE corner of Rural Rd and Warner Rd) 480-522-2475.  Please mention Do Right for your team discount.


Where can I buy spikes for my child who has very tiny feet (size 1-3)?


How do I sign up for USATF/Do Right Educational Sports Program- 264

Please go to the following USATF link and complete the application. You MUST enter our club number so that your child will be assigned to Do Right. Please enter 264.


Can I have a refund if my child no longer wants to participate?

Sorry we do not offer refunds or money transfers.  We do allow a 2 week trial period that is free.


Can my child pick his/her events?

NO. Events are determined by the coaching staff and they will select the event that best fits the child and the needs of the team.  We have 12 coaches that work with certain age groups and find out the most suitable event that will allow your child to have the most successful season.


practice times and locations

Practice times are 4:30PM until sunset, Jan-April and from April through July the times will be pushed back to  start @ 5:30PM until approximately 7:30 to avoid the heat.  During the winter months we start early because the training facility does not offer lights.


What else is needed of me to register my child?

Please send a scanned copy of your child's birth certificate to our email at Your child will not be registered in the meet until we have a birth certificate on file.  If you are a returning member you do NOT need to turn another birth certificate in. 


How do I pay my fees?

Please pay using our Paypal link.


Does the team do any fundraising to help with seasonal costs?

Yes. The team has a mandatory participation of fundraising or an optional buy-out.  The team will provide details of the season's fundraising activities.  Our goal is to have all fundraising efforts completed by the END of April.  Monies earned from the fundraising activities will be used for travel cost assistance, team equipement, team operations, educational awards and end of the year ceremonies.  Please stay posted via our website for scheduled fundraising activities.


What should I do if I have a concern about my child, monies, health or missed practices?

We welcome any concerns you may have regarding your child.  If your issue is regarding any type of coaching or event issues, please speak with the coach or coaches that are working with your child AFTER PRACTICE.  If your issue has to do with health, missed practices or financial concerns please send an EMAIL to the team at  Please include who your child is and the best number to reach you. Please see the section called "Coaches Contact" for a list of emails and phone number to contact your coach directly. Please ensure that your calls are respectful and are made for the purpose of track related matters only.


What happens if I can't pay my fee at this time?

We regret we do not have a payment plan, however your child may practice with the team as long as he/she has their USATF membership and physical completed.  Once your fees are paid in full, we will register your child  in the meet.


Practice days are MON,TUES & THURS.  Make up days will be on Weds the week of a track meet and Saturdays off meet week.

Jan-April 4:30-6:30  

April-Aug  5:15-7:30